Metal Spinning

Metal spinning, also known as spin forming or metal forming is a cold work metal forming process that creates axially symmetric parts found in a wide range of industrial, commercial, and residential applications. Hawkeye Metal Spinning’s process begins with flat sheet metal cut into a disk and is then formed over a rotating mandrel into a round shape. Our metal spinning capability and the cost effective solutions we provide our customers surpasses our competition since all production tooling is designed and fabricated within our own 40,000 sq/ft facility. Because each metal spinning application requires different finishes and dimensional tolerances, Hawkeye Metal Spinning meets customer specifications by spin forming custom parts in a wide variety of materials.

Thickness Parameters
0.005″ – 0.25″
Size Parameters
0.25″ dia. – 83″
maximum blank dia.

Cold-rolled steel, galvanized and electro-galvanized steel, aluminum, stainless steel, brass and copper.

Conventional Stamping
Up to 150-ton

Hawkeye Metal Spinning is specialized in spinning aluminum of various sizes and alloys. Our aluminum products have the ability to be polished to the highest standard of commercial industries. Aluminum is lightweight, highly elastic, extremely formable, and corrosion resistant. Aluminum is very conducive to polishing making it a favorable choice for reflective applications. Each alloy has different properties that can make it effective for certain uses. HMS understands how to utilize those different alloys to achieve the best product for their customers.

Copper is very popular within the marine, lighting, roofing and decorating industries. It can be found in applications such as pipes and sinks, architecture, and others. Copper is well-known for its heat resistant qualities and resilience in harsh climates. It is a non-magnetic metal known for its versatility and aesthetic appeal, making it ideal for applications that require functionality, beauty, or a combination of both. Hawkeye Metal Spinning has the experience and expertise to produce perfectly formed, high-quality copper parts for multiple industries and applications.

Stainless Steel has proved to serve various special metal spinning applications. Some of its well-known properties include durability, strength, and non-corrosiveness. Its common uses are for exposed exterior applications. Hawkeye Metal Spinning knows how to work with the physical properties of stainless to create parts that are formed precisely. We are happy to work with your company to make this strong resilient steel give your company the edge it needs.

Other Steel Types Spun Include:
  • Electro-Galvanized Steel
  • Galvanized Steel
  • Cold-Rolled Steel

Hawkeye Metal Spinning’s cold-rolled steel products provide a smooth surface, well-defined edges and corners, and great concentric uniformity and straightness. To get cold rolled steel, we take cooled-down hot rolled steel and roll it more to get more exact dimensions and better surface qualities. With better surface characteristics than hot rolled steel, it’s no surprise that we use cold rolled steel for more technically precise applications or where aesthetics are important.

Brass is a formable metal that is receptive to many different finishing purposes. Brass is a copper alloy, with its primary element, after copper, being zinc. The fact that brass is easily workable, corrosion-resistant, and attractive, makes it an excellent choice for use in metal spinning. Countless industries and applications can benefit from metal spun brass, including pipes, musical instruments, and many different commercial products. Hawkeye Metal Spinning can expertly spin any number of varying brass products, resulting in seamless, perfectly crafted, attractive, functional parts.

At Hawkeye Metal Spinning, we offer high-quality, precision metal stamping for parts and components in many industries. Since the company’s inception, we’ve constantly developed newer strategies and have applied them uniquely to our advanced systems of getting things done right the first time. Our experts stamp parts from a wide range of materials including aluminum, brass, mild steel, carbon steel, copper, and stainless steel. We offer a max press rating of up to 150 tons and our range of equipment allows us to customize our services based on the specific needs of our customers. Since HMS offers both metal stamping and spinning, it allows us to use a combination process to produce parts other spinners have to outsource. We have the expertise to ensure that your part will be manufactured to your exact specifications and to the highest quality standards.